Children’s Home English Workshop

I often “moonlight” with a second Croatian church by attending their Friday evening worship/Bible study time. I am developing some friends there and it is a good source of fellowship for me personally. I have also found some additional opportunities for ministry with them. During this school year, I have been going with some of […]

Outdoor Leadership Lab

I recently participated in the Outdoor Leadership Lab, put on by Dru┼ítvo Prijatelja Biblije (Association of Friends of the Bible). This was a weekend spent in the beautiful Gorski Kotar mountain region of Croatia, and was all about showing how to use backpacking and the outdoors to teach people about Jesus. It was a great […]

I’m Back

It occurred to me this week that I haven’t posted here in quite a while. Ironically, you can chalk that fact up to having too much going on and not enough time to devote to writing here, rather than not having enough news to report. It’s actually been a rather busy season this spring. We […]