Extension Program in Split

Last Saturday, the Biblijski institut director, one of our professors, and I traveled to the Croatian coastal city of Split, for a meeting with the students who will take our extension class there this spring. It looks like we will have perhaps 8-10 students from 2-3 different churches in and around Split. The program will […]

Jesus Conference

I mentioned in my last post that I immediately became very busy upon arriving back in Croatia, after my extended time in the USA at the end of 2013. This was due mainly to preparations for our Jesus Conference, which we held on January 23-25. I was responsible for many of the logistical details of […]

Back to Work

I realized over the last weekend that I have not posted on here since October, after being in the USA with my family for three months at the end of 2013, around the time of my mother’s death. I guess I have been that distracted with the events of the last few months. I will […]