Dolina Blagoslova (The Valley of Blessings)

The weekend before last I traveled to Vukovar, in far eastern Croatia, to participate in the Valley of Blessings. Vukovar is on the border with Serbia and is the Croatian city that suffered probably the most damage during the war here in the early 90s. It still has a significant Serbian population and is still […]

A Walk Around My Neighborhood

I took a long walk this afternoon with my dog around the town where I live just west of the city of Zagreb. The town is called Sveta Nedelja. It is a pretty area of hills and vineyards and small villages. A number of people have a small weekend cottage (vikendica) out here where they […]

Sunday in Varaždin

I spent last Sunday in the northern Croatian city of Varaždin, about an hour’s drive from Zagreb. I preached for the Church of Christ there and we had lunch together after the service. We brought several youth from our church in Zagreb, as well as from another church in Zagreb that participates with us in […]

Missionary Men’s Retreat in Bosnia

Last weekend I attended a retreat of missionary men from all over Bosnia and Hercegovina. There was also myself from Croatia, as well as two from Montenegro. The retreat was held just outside Sarajevo at Jahorina, where the downhill skiing events were held in the 1984 Winter Olympics. We enjoyed a great weekend  of worship, […]

Signs of Spring…Reminders of LIFE

At this time of year in Croatia, I begin to long for the spring. The winters here are cold, wet, dark, and gray, and I admit that at times I have to fight off some depression at this time of year. Over the last week or so we have begun to see buds on the […]